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31 August 2010 @ 07:44 pm
 So I was given two violins to try out and about a week until I make my decision. 
Well, the decision's already made! 

Both violins are the same price. One is more beautiful and antiqued than the other, with really unique pegs, but the less beautiful one has the more rich sound. Like really deep, dark, almost a little stiff-sounding. It's not ugly, I mean it's brand new, but the wood is more yellowish-brown than the other one, which is a deep dark cherry. 

Anyhow, this warm-sounding violin? REALLY does not fit with the name "Adele". So, going with my dream man, I'm naming it Demetri. LIKE DEMETRI MARTIN! <3 Also, I think that violins usually sound good with names with three syllables. I thought maybe Apollo was a good name too, but Demetri always wins. 

I still need another $150 or so for a bow and I'm looking for a cheap case online, but I'm so glad. I'm so, so glad!
25 August 2010 @ 09:17 pm

Sometimes it's nice to just let friends do your makeup, share each others' ugly clothes, and let them put fake hair on your head. Sometimes it's exactly what you need!

08 August 2010 @ 01:49 pm
 It's not often I have a dream taking place in a location I've never been to while I'm awake. But I had one last night, and it was a college dream, though the campus looked nothing like my real campus, nor did it look like any other building I'd actually seen or been in. It was also intimidating because I was late for class because I had spent hours sitting on top of this outdoor elevator. The elevator would go up and down, but I would be able to see the sky getting closer and far away. 
I saw Hair two nights ago and RENT last night. Hair was my second time seeing it, and I cried a lot but it was a good cry. RENT was great, and it was awful to have to say goodbye to my friend Cria, whom I've known since we were 4 years old, who moved about 45 minutes away (what I THOUGHT was far) and who is leaving next week for college in Oklahoma. I thought after the show that we would have a little time to chat, at least more than 3 minutes... and I swear we had a hug and a cry that was no longer than 6 seconds flat. It was really rushed and awful for being a pretty finite farewell... sure I'll see her maybe once a year, and I'm glad I got to support her, but...I feel like it deserved to be a little longer....
31 July 2010 @ 09:06 pm
 we can blow all our money on chemicals
all sorts of them
they used to be natural
now they're just 
(another pathetic word for
we put them on our 
we push them through our
(like blood, absorbed through
every pore)
we prep we prime and then we 
attempt to preserve
the bodies that were never made to last
and when did 
start to be about vitamins
pushing and pulling them through our systems
like some internal catalyst telling us to
be more
do more
live for more
when we really don't need more. 
Current Music: the sound of my floor fan.
31 July 2010 @ 08:51 pm
 I'm in one of those moods
where it's something like
sadness/boredness/depression/sleep deprivation/jetlag...
I took these super close-up pictures of 
whoa why is Rivers Cuomo on a popup to my right? I can't concentrate when I see his face. I would marry that man. I would do more than marry that man, and I don't even listen to Weezer that much. In fact, I saw them live before I even knew a whole song of theirs. That's how instant the attraction was.
I'm staring at these close-up pictures of other peoples' art. Sometimes I wish people would forget about making their artwork so fucking huge and scale it down to just a portion of what it is. The beauty is in the watercolors that look like fractals, or the lines that look like some sort of dreamlike animal, or what looks like a chiseled cliff but is really just the texture of oil paints. 
I'm going to stare at these until i fall asleep.
what is there to look forward to anymore?? not much.
I feel like the summer is already over. I only have about a month. It's a strange and terrible feeling. 

Question: do you have to be tall to be a flight attendant? I feel like if I couldn't be an editor, I'd be a good fight attendant. Because navy blue pencil skirts and business suits are soooo sexy. 
09 March 2010 @ 08:29 pm
Okay i know I haven't been online in so long...
-Into the Woods closes this upcoming weekend, only 4 more shows left and I'll be so sad once it's gone...
-Got my Karen O haircut and I'm quite happy about it
-Sergio and I are (most likely) going to prom together
-not much else going on...
28 January 2010 @ 06:17 am
Musical is going well....we just blocked (choreographed) my definining scene in the show! My big moment...I can have a little pride about it, right?
School is eh, grades are getting worse before they get better, I'm tired all the time, but happy most of it. Promises of the future make the present bearable.
I'm not going to the winter formal dance this year, I'm sick of my friends leaving me for their other groups like the soccer or swim team, I don't have a team, my theatre kids are all spread out and most are dancing with their boyfriends or girlfriends.
Yesterday I went into a freshman class and sat down and it took the teacher 14 minutes to realize I was even there! Mr. Weber, who looks exactly like Colonel Sanders.
24 January 2010 @ 08:04 am
obvious statement: BABIES CAN SCREAM.

I hadn't babysitted a kid as young as 5 months yet, and oh boy was this a challenge. My frail 17-year-old self can barely hold a cat for five minutes, much less a baby-and a chubby one at that. Every time I set him down, ANYWHERE, whether in bed or in a highchair, he'd cry like the world was ending. Not to mention his name was Mather....I kept pronouncing it MAY-der. hahah. Minute Maid. Mayday. This kid's gonna have it rough.

I had a dream I was in a furniture store and my mom kept telling me to buy a pillow but the only ones I could find were $206. Then she tried on a bathrobe that was made in like 5 fabrics, one of them was the fabric from the dress I just bought.
21 January 2010 @ 07:45 am
now-2:46: school
3:00-4:00: Emissions test
4:15-6:30: practice
6:30-8:30: Buffalo Wild Wings with Jacob
9:00-9:15: shower

7:45-2:46: school
3:30-4:00: violin
4:00-5:30: practice
catch dinner
6:00-midnight: babysitting
midnight-5:00 AM: sleep
5:30AM-12:30PM: work
1:00-3:30: urban exploring
4:00-7:30: Babysitting at the Vanness'. They have a 5-month-old, a 2-year-old, and a 5-year-old. DIFFICULT.
Current Mood: busybusy
12 January 2010 @ 09:35 pm

Apparently I have many doctors looking over my case, I have my surgeon Dr. Arca, another surgeon who I don't know, a plastic surgeon, and a rectologist or something. Yes, as in, rectum. To see if I might have a bone disease causing the recurring pilonidals. I go in for an MRI soon at a new place right across from Childrens' Hospital, and they're consulting about surgery but they aren't going to try the same approach they did the last four times. things might even get to the point of skin grafting, who knows.

California is slowly dimming in its reality....so sad...